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Adventure Therapy: Find Healing in the Wild

If you are feeling stressed or otherwise struggling with your mental health, enjoying the great outdoors for a little eco-therapy can make all the difference. If you find you need something more challenging, consider wilderness therapy programs. You will be able to heal while adventuring in the great outdoors. Spending…

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The Rise of Nature Deficit Disorder

Electronic gadgets, from smartphones to tablets, have become great distractions for most Americans. These gadgets keep us connected to the cyber world as we loose touch with Mother Nature. This has contributed to the rise of “Nature Deficit Disorder.” Defining Nature Deficit Disorder Richard Louv coined the term, “Nature Deficit…

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Health Benefits of Ecotherapy

Research studies have been commissioned by the University of Essex on ecotherapy. Ecotherapy is about getting outdoors and becoming active in a natural environment as a way of boosting mental health. The research findings are fascinating. This study showed: 71 percent of participants reported decreased levels of depression after a…

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