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Health Benefits of Ecotherapy

ecotherapy, walk in nature

Research studies have been commissioned by the University of Essex on Eco therapy. Eco therapy is about getting outdoors and becoming active in a natural environment as a way of boosting mental health.

The research findings are fascinating. This study showed:

  • 71 percent of participants reported decreased levels of depression after a walk in nature.
  • 71 percent said they felt less tense after a walk in nature.
  • 90 percent said their self-esteem increased after a walk in nature.
  • 88 percent of people reported having an improved mood after their walk in nature.

Would you like to experience some of these positive effects of Eco therapy? Listed below are some ways to incorporate “Eco therapy” into your life, especially at work.

Tips for Eco therapy 101

  1. Take nature breaks. Take a walk outside and bird watch or eat outdoors during your lunch break.
  2. Listen to nature even when you’re indoors. Listen to nature sounds on an app that you can download on your iPhone or iPad. There are also nature sounds CDs you can purchase. Listen to them a couple of times a week at work.
  3. Decorate with nature pictures. Keep photos of you in nature around your office to remind you of your connection with nature.
  4. Decorate with plants. Keep a plant or fresh cut flowers in your office space.
  5. Connect with wildlife. Keep a small aquarium in your office with a couple of fish.

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