Teen Stress is a REAL Issue

Teen stress can have adverse effects on their future. Their stress is very different than adult stress. Teen stress in similar to adult stress as far as symptoms and stress responses of the body but the causes of their stress are different than adults. Adolescents and teenagers have different causes of stress that are essential for all of us to know so we can get help for them.

The different causes of teen stress are physical and emotional changes. Teen’s physical changes include sexual development, especially with girls growing breasts, the beginning of menstruation in girls, voice changes in boys, and an increase in height and weight. Emotional changes are peer pressure, experimentation with drugs, alcohol and sex and the need for individuation.

The causes of stress are different for teens than those of adults. Teens are stressed by school work, (teachers, classes, homework, daily schedule), emotional attachment to another teen, new and sometimes negative thoughts about life, relationships with peers and their home situation, (divorced parents, blended families or someone chronically ill in the family).

A few tips on helping with your teen’s stress: 

  1. Awareness. Become aware of the psychological symptoms of teen stress such as unusual eating behavior, insomnia, withdrawal from others, excessive arguing or aggression, continued sadness, apathy or depression, suspicion of alcohol or drug abuse or your teen being bullied.
  2. Education. Teach your entire about the symptoms of stress, stress triggers and stress management tools to reduce their stress. Help your teen and your family create stress resilience. Stress resilience is the gift that will last a lifetime.
  3. Overscheduled life. Talk to your child and take a good look at your child’s schedule. Be honest when you ask your child and yourself if your teen is overscheduled and thus over stressed.
  4. Get help.  Trust your gut. If you feel something is wrong get some professional help. There are incredible teen experts that would love to help you.

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