The Baking Aisle at Publix

We were buying groceries for our big Thanksgiving dinner and as I turned the corner onto the baking goods aisle I stopped and burst out laughing. There was hardly an inch to move on the baking aisle. Everyone was buggy to buggy with nowhere to go. It was adorable. Each person was very polite as we each checked off our grocery list the must have ingredients for our special family recipes. It was hilarious as women shared what they were making and how they added a little more cloves to their pumpkin pie than the recipe on the can said to use and a little more baking soda for a bigger lift in your biscuits. Everyone was so polite, kind, really listening and helping each other.

I wished we women were all in Congress or the United Nations making decisions. Why don’t we think of these policy and Congressional bills like putting together recipes? Sometimes you add a little more nutmeg or baking powder and it changes it somewhat but it gets the job done and it tastes a little different but it got baked and everyone enjoyed it. Yes, all of Congress and the United Nations delegates need to make a visit to the cooking aisle during the holidays and learn a thing or two about negotiations and the recipe for getting something baked and done with collaboration.

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