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The Hummingbird Spot

by Andrea Greengard

Featured on the HummingbirdSpot website, this amazing cam shows not just 15 hummingbird feeders, but also a scenic background of Los Angeles. A very nice, bird-loving lady named Carole oversees this feeder. As she says, she has been consistently feeding hummingbirds for 8 years at her home in Studio City, California, USA. She goes on to say she is on a quest to photograph every single hummingbird species on the planet. There are over 350 types. She says currently she has photographed about 150 of them. You can see them on her Instagram feed.

What kinds of hummingbirds are these?

Year-round, daily visitors: Anna’s, Allen’s
Summer only: Black-chinned
Spring and Fall Migration: Rufous
Rare: Costa’s, Calliope

How often do the feeders have to be filled?

The bird feeders get filled two to three times per day depending on the season. Winter is the busiest.

What goes inside the feeders?

Carole says she makes a sugar solution of one cup pure cane sugar to four cups of water. That contains sucrose in about the same amount that the hummingbirds will find naturally in flowers.

Want to help the Carole and the hummingbirds?

You can help support the live feed and buy a drink for the hummingbirds all at the same time. You can donate using Paypal here.

To see more of Carole’s and her hummingbirds, check out her Facebook page and Instagram feed.

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