4 Unique Winter Destinations You’ve Got to See

Winter vacation time is upon us. During the colder months, lots of people trek to sunny islands with warm beaches. But, if you love snow, cozy fires, and winter scenery, then you’ll enjoy a different kind of vacation – one with ice skating, skiing, and sledding. This year, why not plan a family vacation in a winter wonderland? Check out some of the popular winter destinations listed below.


Don’t have a passport? Want to have your winter fun close to home? Consider Alaska! Juneau and Anchorage are some of the most popular places to visit, but if you’re looking for a quieter vacation spot, with all the winter magic and relaxation, try Fairbanks.


Tourism in Fairbanks peaks during the summer month, but there is still much to see during the winter. If you’re going to Alaska you have to see the Northern Lights and Fairbanks offers you one of the best viewing spots. But that’s not all. You can also go on snowmobile tours, stay at a hot springs resort, go ice fishing, or visit the Santa Claus House.


Not many people would like to visit Canada in the winter (as temperatures can drop to -30 degrees Celsius in some areas), but when it comes to snowy fun, no one does it better. There are many beautiful cities to visit, from Toronto to Vancouver. We listed just two suggestions below:


The country’s capital in known for its historical landmarks, museums, and parliament buildings, but for two weeks in February, the city will also be home to the Winterlude festival. The festival has everything you could want—ice-carving competitions, ice dancing lessons, live performances, a snowy playground for the kids, and the world’s largest naturally frozen ice skating rink. There’s even a triathlon (skating, skiing, and running). If you’re heading up to Canada be sure to check it out!


If you’re looking for something more athletic, check out Whistler. Located two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is a dream for winter sports enthusiasts – skiing and snowboarding are very popular there. In fact, the city was home to many events during the 2010 Winter Olympics. You can even tour the Whistler Olympic Village. This winter destination would be the perfect spot to enjoy the scenery and get a little exercise.


If you’re up for an adventure that takes you out of the country to a different continent, then consider visiting Germany. Rich with winter customs and traditions, there is a lot see and do, especially in Berlin.


Berlin is known for its Christmas markets that offer rides for the kids, delicious food, Christmas decorations, traditional toys for Christmas presents, and more. You can visit Christmas markets all over the city. But that’s not all! Be sure to check out Berlin’s Botanical garden for its Christmas Garden event with over 1,500,000 Christmas lights. And if you get cold, don’t forget to check out one of Berlin’s hot springs for a thermal bath.

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