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Vacations Help You Live Longer

Vacations Help You Live Longer

If you don’t have vacation plans, you aren’t the only one. Millions of Americans skip their vacation opportunities, which could be an unhealthy decision. Research from experts shows that vacations prevent stress and are important for your well-being. Here are some vacation de-stress tips.

Lost Holidays

Millions of Americans don’t go on vacations for various reasons. Most people lack the time or the finances. Experts from the U.S. Travel Association found that twenty-eight percent of American workers decline to take time off in order to prove their job dedication to their boss. In all, American workers forfeited 169 million paid leave days in one year. This means a loss of $52.4 billion in time-off benefits. Without a doubt, this illustrates that it’s time for Americans to take back their vacation days.

Vacations Keep the Doctor Away

Still not convinced you should take a break? Experts have also found that a vacation can benefit your overall well-being in numerous ways.

Your Health Depends On Taking a Vacation

Vacations make people happier

In a study published in Applied Research in Quality of Life, researchers studied over 1,500 participants and found that vacationers had a “higher degree of pre-trip happiness,” compared to people who don’t go on vacations. The participants also came back from vacation with a happiness boost, if the vacation was particularly relaxing.

Vacations prevent death

Relaxing trips can also reduce mortality rates. In a study from Psychosomatic Medicine, researchers studied middle-aged men with a high risk of coronary heart disease. They found that annual vacations among these men were associated with a reduced risk of mortality due to coronary heart disease, and mortality in general.

Vacations prevent stress

A study featured in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that a person’s health and well-being is positively affected during summer vacations. In the end, researchers also found that vacations may prevent “demoralization in the workforce and create psychological resilience to buffer future stress.”

Vacation De-Stress Tips

While vacations can be healthy, planning the trip can be a stressful process. To ensure that you get the most out of your vacation, from start to finish, you’ll need tips for stress-free vacation planning, like the ones listed below.

Make plans early, but keep it loose

Start making detailed plans now—procrastinating will increase stress. When you plan activities, be sure to schedule group activities for bonding time, but keep the timetable loose. Packed schedules will add stress and leave little time for exploring. Also, be sure to make time for personal activities. Having some alone time can help people relax.

Make vacation lists

To-do lists are your best tools for vacation planning. Make a to-do list of what you’ll need to pack, what you’ll need to book, and the things you’ll need to do before starting the trip. These lists will keep you from missing something important. It will also help you stay relaxed before the trip.

Make time for relaxation

A vacation is a perfect time to engage in relaxation practices. Try doing deep breathing exercises on the balcony of your hotel room or consider booking some time at a nearby spa. Don’t forget to then use these relaxation practices when you go home. This will help you stay stress-free long after your vacation is over.

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