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Yoga To Find Balance, Strength & Peace

This 15 minute intermediate yoga flow is the perfect and blissful way to find peace at home on your yoga mat, especially during these unsettling times in our world right now. Boho Beautiful says they wanted to provide a yoga class that can help people find balance, peace, and physical and mental strength during such turbulent times.

This yoga practice will give you the opportunity to release any unwanted energy, stiffness, and tension out of your entire body. This Boho Beautiful yoga class is great for all levels however intermediate levels will have an easier times in certain pictures. If you are a beginner feel free to take as many modifications as needed. If you are more advanced, feel free to move and flow through this yoga practice at whatever pace you like.

This full body yoga class for toning and flexibility is the perfect mixture of standing asanas, movement and posture transitions that will allow you to not only increase your flexibility but also stimulate the metabolism, strengthen your lower body, and allow you to connect deeper with your inner self. This is the perfect practice to welcome the sunset or sunrise which will give you the opportunity to disconnect and reconnect with all that’s within.

Video brought to you by Boho Beautiful

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