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Don’t Let Your Exercise Burn You Out

A lack of motivation can hamper your exercise routine (as our previous article can attest to) but you should also consider the opposite. Some people exercise so much that they exhaust themselves. This type of fatigue is commonly known as exercise fatigue or exercise burnout and there are a few mindful tips that can help you prevent it.

What is Exercise Burnout?

Exercise burnout is related to our “fight or flight” stress response. A little stress or strain creates a “fight response” that pushes you to work harder to achieve your exercise goals. Too much stress causes the “flight response,” which spurs your desire to give up and “flee” from working out entirely.

Exercise burnout should not be taken lightly. The exhaustion will decrease your performance, which can negatively impact your ability to perform in sports and your ability to train for competitions such as marathons. You’re also more likely to become disinterested in exercises, which can have serious consequences on your stress levels.

Preventing Workout Burnout

One of the most effective ways to treat exercise burnout is by preventing it from occurring in the first place and in order to do that it’s important that you know the signs. Workout burnout can affect you mentally and physically. When you’re mentally burned out from exercise you may experience mood changes and become irritable and anxious. Constantly working out can also cause physical pain because you aren’t giving your body enough time to heal. It can also impact your sleeping schedule and affect your appetite.

If you suspect that you already have workout burnout take steps to relieve the pressure. First, reconsider your workout. It could be that your exercises are too intense. Consider talking to a personal trainer for professional advice. Schedule frequent breaks during your exercises and during the week, so you don’t strain your muscles or utter exhaust yourself. Also, try a new approach to your exercises. Exercise with a friend or sign up for a fitness class. If your burnout continues consider talking to your doctor.

Bonus. Exercise burnout isn’t the only type of work exhaustion you should be wary of. The stress and strain that you get from work can also cause job burnout, impacting your enthusiasm and productivity at work. Want to reduce your chances of getting job burnout? Consider reading this article.

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