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Earth Friendly Wrapping Paper

by MLN Staff

Many Americans are striving for a green winter holiday. Eco-friendly toys and environmental holiday craft projects are just the beginning. Consider adding a few finishing touches by using green gift wrapping.

Reconsidering your wrapping paper choices this holiday season can make a world of difference. The amount of U.S. household waste increases by 25 percent during the holidays, equivalent to five million tons of waste. Wrapping paper and shopping bags make up four million tons of this waste. And it’s estimated that 30 million trees are cut down for wrapping paper during the holidays.

Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper

Listed below are some Mindful Green Living, eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas.

Brown paper sacks. Skip plastic bags at the stores and ask for brown paper bags. You can then turn the paper sacks into holiday wrapping paper by cutting the bags into panels.

Newspaper. Wrapping presents in old newspapers is a great idea, but be considerate of the pages you use. The comic strips and crossword puzzles make lovely features for wrapping paper.

Old calendars. Have a small package that needs to be wrapped? Do you have an old decorative wall calendar? Consider using the colorful pages to wrap a present.

Old maps. With the popularity of GPS systems, Americans tend to use paper maps less. If you have an old road map, consider using it to wrap some of your Christmas presents.

Wallpaper. Do you have any old wallpaper or wallpaper trim lying about? Consider using some of it to wrap up your holiday presents.

Reusable containers. If you’re looking for something besides paper that the recipient can reuse later consider tins, mason jars, reusable shopping bags, or tote bags.


If you’re looking for traditional holiday wrapping supplies that are considerate of the environment, try these Mindful options listed below.

Wrapping paper. Green Field Paper makes decorative gift wrap that’s made with 100 percent recycled paper and soy-based inks. Fish Lips Paper Designs has bright holiday wrapping paper that’s made from thick 100 percent recycled paper with a satin finish.

Gifts tags. Green Field Paper also makes gift tags from paper embedded with seeds. So when spring comes the recipients can plant the gift tags and grow wildflowers.

Twine. Skip the ribbon this year and try getting eco-friendly twine made with 100 percent cotton. Divine Twine is just one brand you can consider.

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