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Make Travel Easy with Apps at Your Fingertips

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Having the right tools on hand can make or break a vacation. Fortunately, there are mobile and tablet apps that make it simple to get all kinds of travel information at your fingertips. Here is how to travel easy with some mindful applications.

Here are some Mindful Applications™ (Mindful Apps™)  suggestions that you may want to download:

  1. Pocket travel agent. When planning your next trip consult your cellphone for traveling advice. With the Trip Advisor app you can check over a million reviews and recommendations for the best hotels, restaurant, and flights. The Trip It app helps you keep all your confirmations (flight, hotel, restaurant, and rental car) in one convenient place.
  2. Organize and pack. You’ll never forget anything again with apps like Packing Pro and Packing List. These apps help you create your own packing list (complete with subcategories). They even offer sample lists to give you an idea of what to pack.
  3. Currency and conversation translation. Understanding foreign languages and currency is crucial for international trips. XE Currency and OANDA are apps that offer quick currency conversions. The Google Translate app allows you to translate text in 64 languages or audio in 17 languages. Words Lens app lets you translate printed words by taking a picture of the text with your phone.
  4. The right guide. Get a better idea of the landscape with the Google Earth app which offers pictures and road maps. The Goby app uses GPS to locate your position and find local entertainment like casinos, concerts, museums, spas and zoos. The Tourist Eye app lists tours, maps and other information for over 10,000 cities.
  5. Send love home. Missing family and friends? With the Skype app you can use the internet to call home with a local number. And you’ll avoid the high long distance fees. Postagram Postcards app allows you to create a one-of-a-kind postcard on your phone using your photo gallery. The postcard is then created and sent in the mail.

Bonus: Extended battery life. With all the apps you’ll be using on your trip, you’ll need your phone to last longer. Apps like Battery Doctor and Easy Battery Saver will help you monitor the battery life of your phone.

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