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Ready, Set, Adventure!

by MLN Staff
plan your adventure, create your own adventure

Many of us have been in the doldrums because of the steamy weather, a treacherous economy and the stress at work and home. It is the perfect time to celebrate American Adventures Month and excitement instills creativity, endurance, play and cohesiveness within you and your family. Adventure ignites passion, wonder, and joy. You are creating precious memories for you and your family. So, get out there and create your own adventure.

Plan Your Adventure With Theses 6 Tips

Listed below are some Mindful tips to help you plan an August adventure near your home.

  1. Historic sites. Look in your state for historic sites. There are very interesting historical sites from islands, Native American tribes to Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello.
  2. Adventure and theme parks. Visit a local theme park like Six Flags, Disney World, SeaWorld or a water park.
  3. National or state parks. Camp, hike, boat and swim at a beautiful inexpensive and exciting park.
  4. Nature centers. Visit a local wild animal sanctuary and learn about animals from all over the world. Or visit a local resort with gardens, tennis, golf, and lakes with a family package deal.
  5. Create your own adventure. Ask your family to create a list of their ultimate adventure they would love to take. Someone’s dream may be a helicopter ride, a hot air balloon, riding a horse or river rafting.
  6. An internal adventure. You may want to do a yoga retreat, a chi gong class or a meditation weekend. These internal adventures can truly transform your life.

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