Bring Halloween Cheer to the Office

October is the month for play, yet few of us try to incorporate play into the workplace. So, this month consider bringing joy, fun, and laughter with these tips for Halloween office celebrations.

Halloween can be a great opportunity for employees to relax. Today, it’s not uncommon for workers to struggle with things like stress, depression, and finance problems. Fortunately, many employees feel that adding a little cheer to the office can make a great difference with these problems. According to a survey from, 59 percent of employees “see employer-hosted events like a Halloween party” as an improvement. Events like Halloween celebrations can boost morale, support team building and build company culture.

Halloween office celebrations are more common than you might think. According to a survey from, 52 percent of employees participate in company Halloween events.

5 Ideas for Halloween Office Celebrations

Listed below are a few Mindful tips to help you plan your Halloween office celebration.

  1. Talk to your boss. You may want to check with your boss or Human Resources about the possibility of Halloween celebrations in the office. They may have something already planned or you could help lead the festivities this year.
  2. Your work space. Consider decorating your work space this month in a playful Halloween theme to being a little more fun to the office. Consider keeping a Halloween candy dish at your desk. You might want to decorate your office in a playful Halloween style, with a goblin, a zombie, ghost or witch theme. You can even host a Halloween cubicle contest for the best decorations.
  3. Costumes. Some offices like to encourage their employees to wear costumes either to the office or specifically during the Halloween parties. Classic costumes like vampires and Frankenstein’s are quite popular, but whatever you decide to wear be sure that it’s office appropriate. If you’re unsure about the dress code talk to your boss or HR beforehand to be sure.
  4. Clothing. If costumes aren’t really your thing consider wearing Halloween inspired clothing instead. Halloween themed ties or socks for men can add a little fun to an otherwise long workday. There are also fun themed sweaters or scarves for women as well.
  5. Halloween party. A Halloween party during lunch or after work can be a great way of bringing the whole office together. Consider sending out a sign-up sheet, so everyone can bring something to the party. You can host the party in a conference room and decorate with classic decorations like spider webs and pumpkins. Adding Halloween games and spooky music could also help kick your seasonal celebration up a notch.

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