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Candy Crafts: 5 DIY Candy Recipes

Americans love their candy. In fact, one source reports that Americans consume about 22 pounds of candy every year. With June being National Candy Month, millions of Americans will be taking advantage of special deals and promotions offered by their local candy shop or online. But if you really want…

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Summer Snacks with Granola

What are you eating for breakfast? Be sure to add granola to your morning meal. Granola is power food and it will help you stay energized this summer. Granola is a healthier sweet option compared to its cookie or cake counterparts. It’s full of fiber, vitamin E, folate, magnesium, phosphorus,…

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Creamy Coconut Ice Cream

During this summer heat try some refreshing delicious coconut ice cream. Coconut milk is considered a “miracle liquid” because it builds up the body’s immune system and prevents disease. Coconut milk can help you lower your cholesterol, improve your blood pressure, and prevent heart attacks or a stroke. This summer, enjoy this simple and scrumptious…

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