5 Tips for an Authentic Friendship

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Everyone needs a strong, authentic friendship, but developing such a bond can be a challenge. In order to share a dependable friendship with someone, you’ll need to take Mindful steps.

An authentic friendship goes beyond the surface-level pleasantries; it requires us to break down the walls we’ve built up to protect ourselves. In authentic friendships, there are genuine heart-to-heart discussions, in which we are both honest and empathetic. There is also understanding and respect, and everyone is free to be whom they are without feeling judged or unloved.

This type of friendship seems simple to achieve, but it’s rather rare. With the rise of social media, we constantly find ourselves connected with other people, but the connection is usually superficial with little meaning behind it. Social media also makes it easier for us to isolate ourselves. Many of our are too busy trying to make connections with our computers and smartphones, that we forget that strong friendships are more likely to develop through personal interaction.

Having an authentic friendship or even being an authentic friend isn’t easy. It takes a lot of courage to make a deep connection with someone else. It also takes time and dedication in order for them to grow.

If you would like to take steps to be a more authentic friend or build a stronger friendship with someone consider the Mindful Mate™ tips list below.

1. Be honest. A true friendship needs honesty. Revealing your fears and acknowledging your failures to someone you trust will make you feel better and stronger. Allow your friends to be vulnerable with you as well.

2. Be encouraging. Having a true friend is like having your own personal cheerleader. They have your back and pump you up when you’re feeling down. They provide you with the motivation to conquer your fears and to move past your failures. And as a true friend don’t forget to be supportive as well.

3. Give and receive. Being a true friend means being dependable and generous, but it shouldn’t be a one-way street. An authentic friendship requires balance, in which both parties give and receive love, support, and encouragement.

4. Recognize and acknowledge. Don’t just assume that your friend knows how important they are to you. Let them know. Show your love and appreciation whenever possible.

5. Be you. Be the real you, flaws and all. You’re amazing just the way you are and your true friends will love and respect you for staying true to yourself.

More Mindful Thoughts

Friendships often experience turbulence. If you feel that your once authentic friendship is falling apart, consider these Mindful tips for improvement. Also, if you currently don’t have a strong friendship it’s never too late to make a new friend. Consider joining a hobby group that you are interested in or volunteer for an organization that you feel passionate about. Find more Mindful tips for making new friends here.