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Greatest Health Threats of 2020

The World Health Organization announces the greatest health threats for 2020. Each year the W.H.O. lists the greatest threats to our health for that particular year. Diseases, drugs, vaccinations, and climate change have become great threats to our lives.  I have chosen to focus on four of the top ten health threats for 2020.

Top Four Greatest Health Threats

Not vaccinating

This is a critical problem. I believe vaccinating is a public health issue and every person should be required to have certain life-saving vaccinations. Vaccinations save lives and are a cost-effective method that prevents diseases. People have been refusing to vaccinate for controversial reasons. Refusing vaccinations has helped create a rise in diseases, such as measles, that was a disease almost gone at one point. There is a 30% rise in measles. When you refuse to vaccinate your child, you are also creating greater risk for other people in spreading disease.

Drug-resistant super bugs

This is something most of us physicians are very concerned about these days. Our patients have overused antibiotics over the years, and many have become drug-resistant. Their bodies resist these life-giving medicines.

Air pollution

It is hard to believe that air pollution is killing over 7 million people every year. Pollutants get into your lungs, heart, and brain to cause heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and strokes.

Flu pandemic

This is another issue that concerns me. Everyone, except people with certain conditions, should get a flu shot. Each year there are many preventable deaths from the flu. We are seeing more people of every age die of the flu.



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