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Have a Spa Day at Home

Everyone needs a treat for themselves every now and then; a trip to the spa can usually do the trick. In this economy, not many people have extra money to visit spas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a spa day at home.

An average trip to the spa can cost hundreds of dollars for facials, scrubs, and soaks. Creating a do-it-yourself spa day at home can cost pennies, considering that most of the ingredients can be found in your pantry. So pull out a meditation CD and sweet scented candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The following are green beauty treatments that you can make at home to primp and pamper yourself. Enjoy your spa day at home!

  • Face. For a facial cleanser, ground oatmeal (prevents acne), yogurt and honey into a paste. Apply, wait for a few minutes, and then wash off. To exfoliate, mix crushed strawberries (naturally cleansing), yogurt, honey, and olive oil together to make a paste. Apply for a few minutes and wash off. For a toning mask, whip lemon juice and one egg white (reduces redness and acne), leave on for 20 minutes before washing away. Finally to moisturize, combine avocados (hydrates skin), yogurt, and honey. Let it dry and gently rinse off.
  • Hands. For softer hands, mix cornmeal (gently exfoliates skin), milk, honey, and vanilla extract over low heat. Let it form a paste, cool, apply, wait a few minutes, and then wash off. Need a homemade hand scrub? Combine sugar and sea salt (exfoliates skin) with lemon juice, and olive oil. Scrub hands for five or so minutes and wash off. For strong nails, use cooking oil like canola oil or vegetable oil (it strengthens and moisturizes).
  • Feet. To treat your feet to a foot spa try pumpkin puree (helps keep skin looking younger), sugar, olive oil, lemon juice, and cinnamon. Massage your feet and gently wash with warm water. For a strawberry foot scrub, combine crushed strawberries (naturally cleansing), olive oil, and sea salt. Scrub your feet and gently wash with warm water.

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