Mary Crowley: Fighting the Plastic Patch

Mary Crowley and her team regularly explore the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a place in the Pacific Ocean north of Hawaii, where the currents of this great ocean dumps its waste debris. The North Pacific Gyre is a massive floating continent of our human trash which is composed of 80 percent plastic. It is difficult to imagine when you consider this human made garbage pile is twice the size of Texas.

Mary Crowley’s passion is to clean up the sea. The ocean provides life for our world. When we kill our oceans, we kill all life on earth.

As the head of a nonprofit organization named Project Kaisei,, she is not only busy pioneering to save our oceans, Crowley is also CEO and owner of her company Ocean Voyages, Inc., a yacht chartering company she founded in 1979. She raises funds to drive more awareness to this terrible Pacific Garbage Patch.

Mary Crowley is an inspiration to all of us and motivates us to get involved with environmental groups in order to protect our Earth.

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