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Mindful Athlete: Brandon Marshall

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Brandon Marshall experienced enumerable successes and accomplishments in the NFL, but he could not enjoy any of his hard earned successes because he was controlled by his unstable emotions that were destroying his life.

Brandon Marshall, wide receiver of the Miami Dolphins, decided to come to terms with his diagnosis of borderline personality disorder by devoting his time and resources to help others learn about this challenging disorder. After years of treatment, Brandon vowed to make a difference in other people’s lives by creating a nonprofit organization, Project Borderline. This project is raising awareness of borderline personality disorder and helps others gain access to resources for this condition.

Loved ones with this disorder have devastated my own life. We spent many years trying to understand the pain and suffering of my family members. This is such a difficult condition not only for the person who has BPD but also for the people who love them. Please go to this website and read more about borderline personality disorder and the resources available to you. Learning about this condition has helped us understand how to live with the fallout of loved ones with BPD, which can devastate and destroy a family.

If someone you love has roller coaster, unstable emotions and is suffering, please check out Brandon’s foundation at projectborderline.org.

The featured photo is from projectborderline.org

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