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Adventure Awaits: 8 Perfect Mini Vacation Ideas

Staycations are Fun and Inexpensive

Summer is just around the corner. Many Americans want to get away for summer vacation, but most are on a tight budget and can’t afford the expense. Fortunately, staycations can be a fun, thrifty solution.

Many Americans agree that a staycation can be beneficial. According to a LivingSocial survey, 65 percent of the employed Americans have taken at least one staycation by using vacation time to relax at home. This hardly comes as a surprise considering that the average cost for a summer vacation is $1,180 per person. So, a family of four will end up spending a minimum of $4,720, which is quite a significant sum for many Americans. This summer get creative and discover new local destinations and activities where you can have lots of fun and save money too.

Mini Summer Vacation Ideas 

Farmer’s Markets

Have fun as you discover your local farmer’s markets. You will find new veggies, fruits, bread, cheeses, and more grown locally and from around the world. Purchase some new ingredients and make a meal out of your culinary adventure!

You Local Zoo

Take the family to the zoo. Have each of your children gather information on a specific animal they love and have a show and tell before you go to the zoo. Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch.

Spa Day

Many spas have discounts during the summer. Have a spa day and get relaxed and centered.

Share Care

 Share child or elder care with a neighbor or friend. Take turns during the summer so each of you can have a break for a “do what you want to” day.

Relax in Your Great “Backyard”

Put up a tent in the backyard and have a camping trip. If you have a hammock, set it up and take a snooze and enjoy the sounds and scents of the outdoor!

Matinee at Your House

Get a bunch of movies, sleeping bags, popcorn and some snacks. Have a slumber party at your home with a movie marathon.

Paint a Room Day

 Nothing changes the energy of your home like a newly painted room. Have your child or you pick up a gallon of your favorite color and paint away.

Try a New Restaurant

Go to your Uber Eats app or any of the discount apps and find a local restaurant with a great discount and go have a nice long 2-3 hour lunch with someone you love.

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