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The Hartsfield United Nations

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

I was picking up my doctor daughter at the Atlanta airport the other night and plopped into a chair as I waited in utter exhaustion. Sipping on a bottle of water I was mesmerized by the passing strangers. My heart opened and unexpected tears started flowing down my cheeks as I watched a mass of people greet each other at baggage claim. Some were so excited to see each other they broke into a run and squealed out loud laughing. Others trembled and burst into tears as they welcomed loved ones from far away.

There were people from every race, age, gender, religion, culture, nation, and continent. It was a kaleidoscope of humankind experiencing a cadre of emotions. Babies, old people, young people, boomers and so many in wheelchairs. It was like being at a United Nations summit. I invite you to go to your airport and get a glimpse of the immense diversity designed by the Divine.

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