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The Ultimate Beast, CEO Bob Parsons

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Bob Parsons just jumped to the top of my list of the “Worst Person in the World.” Bob Parsons, the CEO of, was in Zimbabwe recently. He not only hunted, shot, and killed an elephant; he also had the entire repulsive event videotaped to keep the blood-letting for posterity. I guess he likes to have parties and show these images to his buddies. We need to stop animal cruelty and the people that do this as a hobby.

The most horrendous comment he made after killing this innocent elephant was, “of everything I do, this is the most rewarding.” This speaks volumes of the soul of this disturbed individual. We are moving every account we have from immediately. I believe we should all act in solidarity as we stop doing business with one of the most unmindful C.E.O.’s on the planet.

Please let us know your thoughts.

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