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Starbucks: Nurturing the Spirit with Coffee!

Starbucks is celebrating its 40th birthday with a bang! After unveiling its new logo in January 2011, CEO and founder Howard Shultz penned a book called Onwards. Truly transformational, the company re-dedicated itself to inspiring and nurturing the human spirit after having spent a short period in 2006 through 2008 focusing on over-expansion and driving value-for-value in terms of dollars-and-cents. Starbucks’ culture is back to its original mantra: valuing people and its products.

 Why do employees love working at Starbucks?

People love working at Starbucks because they are called “partners,” and they enjoy the camaraderie of their work team. Part timers make up almost 90% of their workforce. When the founding CEO, Howard Shultz, returned to the company during it’s downward financial spiral, he refused to decrease the health care benefits for his employee partners. He is committed to the mental and physical health of his team.

They help their partners (employees) achieve their goals and fulfill their needs. The partners have numerous resources such as health insurance, tuition reimbursement, employee assistance programs, commuter benefit program, and adoption assistance.

As mindful consumers, we have choices too–from zero calories (plain tea or coffee) to the high calorie dessert type drinks and foods. The company has the calorie count available for all consumers so you have full knowledge of what you are choosing to consume.

We love Starbucks and congratulate this mammoth business for being one of our Mindful Companies.

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