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I Can Recycle What?!?!

unique recycling ideas

If we all take the time to recycle it could save the planet and sustain the community for future generations. The US Environmental Protection Agency says that 75 percent of solid waste is recyclable, but only 30 percent of it is actually recycled. Some may not recycle, but frequently people throw away items they do not know are recyclable.

It’s time to take a moment do a “trash audit.” Millions of people will be doing their part to help the environment like recycling. You would be surprised by the crazy objects that you can actually recycle such as electronic waste. Consider the unique recycling ideas listed below.

Unique Things That You Can Recycle

  • Common forgotten recyclable items may be in your kitchen. This includes plastic water bottles, glass containers, aluminum cans, and paper products. Rinse and clean the items out before putting it in a pile for recycling. TerraCycle will take traditional non-recyclable items like potato chips bags, pens, cookie packages, drink pouches, and candy wrappers. They then turn them into consumer products like insulated coolers, picture frames, pencils, placemats, flower pots, and laptop holders.
  • Other non-traditional recyclable items can be found inside and outside your house. Ikea recycles used compact fluorescent light bulbs. Earth 911 lists local donation and recycling centers for your old mattress. Also with Earth 911 and Shingle Recycling you can find recycling centers where the materials like shingles and bricks can be turned into asphalt or brick chips.
  • Outdated computers, laptops, handheld machines, etc. According to TIME Magazine, only 20 percent of Americans are recycling electronic waste, also known as e-waste, making it the fastest growing type of waste in the US. Companies such as e-Stewards and Project KOPEG list places where your unwanted iPods, computers, TVs, digital cameras, and cell phones can be recycled.
  • Large appliances. When ordering a new appliance the delivery service may pick-up your old product. Ask that they recycle it instead of throwing it away. Other places like the Steel Recycling Institute can recycle appliances like washing machines and BBQ grills. Battery Solutions, Inc., CD Recycling Center of America, and GreenDisk recycle electronic accessories like CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, game disks, batteries, and calculators.

More unique recycling ideas. Finally, remember that if some of these items are in decent condition consider donating to charities. Goodwill and the Salvation Army will take electronics and appliances like computers and TVs. Other items can be advertised on Craigslist.

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