Violet and Allen Large: Lotto Winners Keep on Giving

Violet and Allen Large are our Mindful Heroes and the lucky lotto winners.

Violet is 78 years old and Allen, a welder, is 75 years old. They are madly in love and are very lucky. They won a lottery worth $11.2 million. These humble people said, “We have everything we need. Money can’t buy happiness.” The lotto winners decided to give every penny away. They gave the money to many organizations ranging from their local hospital where Violet recovered from ovarian cancer to the local fire stations. This beautiful couple is an inspiration to us all. Many of us say on almost a daily basis, “When I win the lottery I will buy this or I’ll buy that.” Let us take a lesson from this loving, kind lotto winners. As they said, “It feels so good to be able to help others.”