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What does it mean to live an intentional life

Do you know why you do what you do and why you don’t do what you don’t do? We are faced with dozens of choices every day — some little, some big. From whether to choose a salad or a chocolate sundae for lunch to where your kids go to school, our world today is full of options.

The thing is, sometimes it’s much easier to just go with the flow and not think about those options. For example, choosing public school, paying for cable every month, isn’t always the best option for our families. On the one hand, it’s tempting for some of us to choose the unconventional choice just because we’re nonconformists, but of course that’s not necessarily best for our families either.

Living intentionally is about being organized. For instance, it means choosing to serve our families only real food and eliminating TV and drinking fair-trade coffee. Rather than trying to define a set of choices that are characteristic of living intentionally, it is more about knowing why you do what you do, or why you don’t do the other things.

Intentional living is being willing to take a step back and evaluate the things you’re doing and making your decisions with your eyes wide
open. It also means being willing to evaluate decisions as you go rather than just making a decision once and sticking to it no matter what.


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