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Survive Your Unbearable Job

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We all desire to get paid for doing work that we love; unfortunately, there are times when we are faced with unbearable jobs. It’s up to us to find Mindful ways to survive.

Though times are hard and jobs are scarce, many people would love the opportunity to leave their jobs and find another. According to a Yahoo! Finance study, 60 percent of the participants would choose another career if they could. And a Hay Group study found that more people are making plans to leave their jobs, 38 percent in fact.

What factors cause people to dislike their jobs? Not being paid adequately is a common reason, as is burnout. Sometimes the work environment is to blame, like having toxic relationships with other workers or the boss. The job may also be too demanding or not challenging enough. Whatever the reason, having an unbearable job can cause adverse effects on our health, like stress, and can worsen the work environment.

Here are some Mindful Work® tips to ensure that work is not unbearable for you:

  1. First, talk out your feelings with someone you trust like a close friend outside of work (not a coworker) or a counselor. They may be able to help give you advice and inspiration.
  2. Mindfully reflect on the pros and cons of your current job. Therefore, when you start looking for another position you’ll know which tasks keep you engaged and which duties stress you out.
  3. Consider talking to your boss if you’re troubled by pay issues, scheduling issues, or if you would like more challenging projects. Also consider looking for other job opportunities within the organization you work for.
  4. Research and set goals if you’re looking for a new job altogether. Set weekly job-hunting goals and invest in your career by setting goals for you to achieve your dreams.
  5. Become a Mindful worker by improving your skills. Take courses or try other educational steps. And instead of being overcome with the things you hate, focus on the aspects of your job that you enjoy and do it to the best of your ability.
  6. Give your workspace a boost. Sometimes clearing our physical workspace can help put our minds at ease. Consider these Mindful tips to help you get organized at work and redecorate your office.
  7. Take breaks during work to ease your tension. Consider listening to music or taking a walk. Be sure to give yourself enough time in the morning to prepare for your workday. This may mean having a long breakfast or working out.
  8. Don’t forget to invest in life outside of work. Make sure that you have something to look forward to at the end of each day and on the weekends. Consider planning activities with friends or setting aside personal time.

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