Be a Role Model To Your Daughters

“Do you REALLY think it’s possible to prevent someone from getting an eating disorder?” Being a role model for your children is one way of teaching them self confidence. Fifteen years ago, I thought eating disorders were too complex for anyone to make a serious dent on the front end and…

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Ease the Back to School Stress for Kids

We help our children prepare for the first day back to  school with the right supplies and the right clothes, but being in the right state of mind is even more important. Back to School Stress is common among many of children, and it can greatly affect their health. There…

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plan your adventure, create your own adventure

Ready, Set, Adventure!

Many of us have been in the doldrums because of the steamy weather, a treacherous economy and the stress at work and home. It is the perfect time to celebrate American Adventures Month and excitement instills creativity, endurance, play and cohesiveness within you and your family. Adventure ignites passion, wonder, and…

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Fun Family Reunion Tips

Are you planning a family reunion this summer and feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry! These helpful family reunion tips may be just what you need. Games Keeping multiple generations entertained at once can be a challenge at family reunions, but having fun games planned can make a world of…

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school lunch ideas

3 Easy Sandwich Ideas for School Lunches

It’s back to school time, which means it’s time to start making all of those school lunches again. If you’re tired of making the same things, or if your kids are asking for something new, these three back to school lunch ideas may be just what you need. These sandwich…

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