Urban Beehives Save Bee Populations

Urban beekeeping is one of our future keys for not only the survival of bees but for the survival of humankind. Some of Atlanta’s largest companies are participating in saving our planet by investing in bees. AT&T, Delta, Chick-Fil-A, and Cox Enterprises, to name a few, are partnering with an…

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Bees

We need bees for more than just their delicious honey. Every year, bees pollinate more than $15 billion worth of U.S. crops. Unfortunately, over the past eight years, the bee colonies in the U.S. have been dying drastically. In 2005, the bee colonies in the U.S. were hit with an…

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Feral Cats: Taking Over Your Neighborhood?

Feral cats are shunned in many neighborhoods because they have a reputation of damaging properties and causing a lot of noise. Fortunately, there is a humane solution for dealing with these wild felines. Feral cats differ from feline strays and pets. They’re the offspring of lost or abandoned cats and…

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Aid for Houston Animals

People all over the U.S. are sending disaster relief aid to help the Texans impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Among the victims, there are countless animals that have been stranded or are in need of help. Reportedly 600,000 animals were “killed or stranded during Hurricane Katrina”—animal welfare organizations and animal lovers…

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