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Apps That Reduce Stress

Have you been feeling stressed lately? The solution may be found on your smartphone. Fifty-six percent of Americans have smartphones and upwards to 300 apps are created every day, so there are tons of apps that reduce stress when you are looking for stress relief. Stress App Suggestions Listed below are…

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What is the Medical Practice of Sticking Pins in Your Body to Release Stress?

Acupuncture treatment is an integrative medical approach to healing various conditions in the mind and body. This practice involves inserting thin needles into the skin or tissue at specific places on the body to move healing energy throughout the body. Acupuncture originated in China but is now commonly used in…

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Losing Sleep Means Gaining Weight

Have you been having trouble losing those last 10 pounds? Sometimes exercising and cutting back on unhealthy food isn’t enough. Sleep deprivation can affect your health. In fact, lack of sleep causes weight gain. Sleep and Weight Gain Research shows that lack of sleep causes obesity. In a report from the University of Colorado…

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Increase Your Brain Power with Food

We meditate and practice stress relieving techniques for better mental health. Yet, research shows that there’s another way to improve our cognitive capabilities. With brain boosting foods, we can eat our way to better mental health. Currently, there are 35.6 million people around the world living with dementia. According to the…

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Going Green is Good For Your Health

Over the years, families, schools, and companies around the world have been going green. This environmental initiative has changed the way we think about our trash and our other harmful practices that are further polluting our planet. This going green movement has a huge, positive impact on the environment, but…

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3 Sleeping Tips for Mindful Sleep

When a patient asks their doctor for advice on sleep improvement, many physicians will offer sleep hygiene tips like having a tranquil bedroom environment or avoiding stimulants (caffeine or nicotine) at night. While these tips are helpful, a new study shows that mindful awareness practices may be a better solution.…

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Effects of Stress

Health Effects of Stress Stress is a natural and essential part of life. Our stress response is designed to protect and preserve our lives. Our bodies are constantly responding to positive and negative stress. Positive stress reduction motivates and drives us. Negative stress affects our physical and mental health and can rob us…

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