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Little Known Black Inventors

How many Black inventors can you name? Everyone knows about George Washington Carver and his peanut inventions—from peanut milk to peanut paper—but what about the others? African Americans have come up with some amazing inventions over the years. For Black History Month, we’ve listed three amazing inventors and their unique…

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Nature Sounds App Review

Ecotherapy is the powerful, healing response the mind and body experience when in nature.  Research shows us that nature sounds reduces our blood pressure, lowers our heart rate and helps the body produce relaxing chemicals into your body. I love the Relaxing Sounds of Nature (free) by Red Hammer Software app…

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Must Have Apps for Black History Month

February is the perfect time for us all to learn more about the African American history that is woven into the fabric of our country. And fortunately, there are helpful apps that can help us turn a morning commute or gym workout into an education session. Listed below are just…

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Helpful Apps For Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are easily made and easily broken, right? Well, not anymore! With a smartphone or tablet, you can download the right apps to keep up your resolve throughout 2018. According to a report from Reuters, 87 percent of Americans made resolutions in the studied year, but far less…

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