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Celebration Tips for True Halloween Lovers

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Are you a true Halloween lover? Do you look forward to this time of year–the spooky parties, haunted houses, fun costumes, and trick-or-treating? If so, why not kick it up a notch this year? Create a Halloween bucket list filled with new fun Halloween activities. We’ve got five fun Halloween ideas that will bring you a little Halloween cheer.

Halloween Lovers, Check Out This Halloween Bucket List

  • Create festive decorations to your home. One of the best ways to get into a festive mood is to decorate your surroundings. Get some pumpkins or other gourds and decorate them with a mouth, a nose, and eyes made out of eco-friendly paper. It’s quicker than carving the pumpkin and you can use the pumpkin in your cooking later. Or you can paint pinecones with white, yellow, and orange paint for a DIY candy corn pinecone decorations. Or you can take fall leaves, paint them white, add black eyes and a mouth, and string them together for spooky garland.
  • Watch some classic Halloween movies. When you plan your Halloween party, consider showing a movie. Rent some Halloween classics through Amazon or other streaming services. Try It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown or The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Learn Halloween history. Turn your commute into an education session with podcasts. The podcast What You Missed in History Class has many episodes dedicated to Halloween history, unsolved mysteries, spooky stories, famous horror actors, and more. Check out their catalog for episodes on the history of Halloween candy, famous Dracula actor Bela Lugosi, and spooky historical events like the Vardø Witch Trials.
  • Make jacko‘-lantern inspired meals. Halloween is all about the sweets—from the candy to the candy apples. If you’re not up for all that sugar, you can easily transform your healthy dinners into “Halloween” meals. In fact, try this recipe for spooky stuffed bell peppers. Cut a jack-o’-lantern face into your bell peppers and stuff them with mushrooms, rice, tomatoes, cheese, and veggie meatless crumbles. Once they’re out the oven, you’ll have a health festive meal for Halloween.
  • Make your workout a little spooky. Believe it or not, you can even add a little Halloween to your exercise routine. There’s a fun app called Zombies, Run! As you workout, you play the app and you hear your mission. You’ve survived a zombie epidemic. You must walk, jog, or run to keep ahead of the zombies and as you continue to exercise you your collect supplies to build your own base. Zombies, Run! is a creative way to make exercise more fun!

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