Don’t Let the Office be a Drag

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If your work environment could use a “pick me up,” team building activities may be the answer you’re looking for. Team building exercises are not only a fun way to boost morale, but they can also relieve stress.

According to research published in Psychology Today, promoting respect and team bonding activities can make a huge difference for the average employee. It also says that an average person spends 30 percent of his or her life at work. If we spend a third of our lives in a negative and depressed work environment, it will begin to impact other aspects of our lives. Team bonding exercises are not only a fun way to also boost morale, but it can also relieve stress.

For the activities to be successful make sure the games are fair and that the rules do not discriminate. Before beginning, ask for everyone’s input and clarify any questions or concerns. Fun “get-to-know-you” activities include “two truths and a lie,” in which one person gives three facts about themselves and the rest of the group must guess which two are the truth and which is a lie. There is also “code” where people are split up into teams to quickly create a non-spoken / non-written code. The first team to pass a message to all the teammates using the code wins.

Conventional team building exercises are not always necessary. Think outside the box (or outside traditional work hours) can literally be the cure for a strained office environment. Designate a day or two when the office will share drinks at a pub after work. This could boost morale. Try organizing a sports league amongst the employees like bowling or ping pong. If you prefer a virtual league then maybe you could give fantasy football a try. Or maybe you could try simple activities such as an office potluck or picnics, where everyone brings a dish for lunch and eats together.

It’s important to remember that a small gesture could be a great start to happier employees. A team that has fun together will work hard and succeed together. Everyone wins!

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