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Stress-Less with Mobile Finance Apps

After a long day of lunch meetings and office politics, the last thing you may think about is organizing and monitoring your finances. It used to be inconvenient, but you can now use your smartphone to help you keep tabs on this necessary chore. In a recent Nielsen report, 1 in 2 Americans have a smartphone. Beyond surfing the web, responding to emails, and playing games on your smartphones, there are so many mobile finance apps available today that are making finance on-the-go simple, easy, and surprisingly fun.

Here are the top mobile finance apps  that made it to our Mindful Applications list:

Bank and Credit Card Apps

 If you are a beginner, downloading an app from your bank could be a great start to mobile finance finesse. With your cell phone you can check balances, pay bills, and locate ATMs. Some banks also have “quick deposit”, where you deposit a check by sending a picture of the front and the back. Apps for credit card holders are similar, but have additional features such as a reward points tracker. Most national banks have apps such as Bank of America or JP Morgan Chase, but most credit unions also have apps.

Taxes Apps

 Taxes and death are always certain but wouldn’t it be nice to be better prepared? Mobile apps like Turbo Tax Snap Tax, Tax Answer and Shoe boxed can help you do just that. With these programs you can file your taxes from your phone, get answers for your tax questions, and keep track of your receipts and W-2s with a click of your camera phone.

Loan and Debt Apps

 To keep track of payments try these apps. Debt Tracker Pro sends reminders when loan payments are due. Pay Off Debt and Debt Free can help you calculate the best strategy for paying off debt and estimates how much time you have with the new strategies.

Budget Apps

If you are having trouble staying within your budget than these apps are for you. Mint app monitors your bank account and spending habits. With Pennies App you can create budgets for entertaining, shopping, etc. And with Gas Finder you can locate the cheapest station in your area.

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