Spiritual Healing Trip

Taking a spiritual healing trip will change your life. For thousands of years, shamans and faith healers have functioned under the belief that physical illness results from imbalances. These imbalances are within our emotional and energy bodies. This will ultimately express through the physical body (most commonly as a chronic/debilitating disease). Even science has begun to…

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Traveling on a Spiritual Journey or Retreat

Spiritual traveling is certainly popular these days, mostly due to the generation of baby boomers having the time, inclination and desire to look deep inside themselves. Perhaps the inspiration for this kind of spiritual traveling started back in the “hippy days”. During this time people were looking at different approaches…

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Nightmares and Spiritual Guidance

Dreams, whether good or bad, can have great spiritual significance, encouraging us to grow from the experience. However, there’s danger in becoming overwhelmed by nightmares. For centuries, people across the world turned to spiritual guidance to help stop unbearable bad dreams. Nightmares are extremely common. One out of every two…

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Reclaim the Feminine In Your Life

Since ancient Greece and throughout the ages in all cultures, religions, and spiritualities, people have celebrated femininity. When I was at Emory, the theology of the Amma, the holy mother governing the early monasteries, fascinated me. The Amma is the CEO of the monastery. She is in charge of the…

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Why is Spirituality Growing and Religion Dying

A new Pew Research poll finished in June 2018 shows that more Americans say they’re spiritual but not religious. Over a quarter of Americans now say they are spiritual but not religious. This is up eight percentage points in the last five years and spirituality trends are increasing. What Does…

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