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Dangers at the Beach

Americans love the beach. From Venice Beach, California to Miami Beach, Florida, over 151 million visitors travel to America’s most popular beaches every year. Are […]

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5 Ways to Reclaim Summer

Enjoy the Essence of Summer With families coming back from vacation and kids going back to school, summer is quickly ending for many Americans. Fortunately, […]

The Coolest Summer Sports

If you’re looking for something special to do this summer, something fun and out of the ordinary, then consider taking up a unique sport. There […]

Incorporate Eco Therapy Into Your Summer

Your children have spent this past year in school, developing their left-brain (logic and mathematics). Spend time this summer helping develop their right-brain, and let […]

3 Unusual Summer Sports to Try

When you need fresh air and plenty of exercise, taking up a summertime sport, as a recreational hobby, is a great solution. It’s a fun […]