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5 Mindful Sustainable Tips

by MLN Staff

Since the stock market crash a few years ago, many Americans have strived for a more frugal household. Unfortunately, a frugal lifestyle doesn’t always mean that we’re living sustain ably. Luckily, there’s a way to change that.

By making drastic changes around the house we can cut down on our weekly shopping bill. It also allows us the opportunity to make more eco-friendly decisions on how our home functions.

Listed below are just a few mindful sustainable tips on how to make frugal, but sustainable changes around your home.

1. All-purpose cleaners. Our daily struggle for a cleaner household can take its toll on our wallets. On average Americans spend $659 dollars on cleaning supplies each year and the products that we usually buy aren’t eco-friendly. So, why not consider using cheap, natural ingredients with real-life cleaning properties? To make your own all-purpose cleaner, try mixing lemon juice, two tablespoons of white vinegar, three tablespoons of baking soda, and one gallon of hot water.

2. Grow a garden. You can save hundreds of dollars by growing your own organic garden. These little patches of greenery aren’t just for creating soups, sauces, or vegetable medley either. You can also save money making your own herbal tea, home remedies, and homemade extract. You’ll have an incentive to compost too.

3. Improve air quality. When we decide to live frugally we usually give up on non-crucial home amenities like better air quality. A quality air purifier can cost between $200- $550, and that’s not including the filters that must constantly be replaced. Instead try buying plants like Pot Mums, Golden Pothos, or Peace Lilies for your home. They’re sustainable, improve air quality, and are cheaper than air purifiers.

4. Rethink your laundry detergent. According to some reports, we can spend at least $150 on laundry detergent every year. To cut down on expenses, try making your own. Consider mixing one grated castile soap bar, one and a half cups of baking soda, one cup of super washing soda, one cup of borax, and your favorite essential oils. To take your laundry a step further, consider hanging them outside to dry. You’ll save money on your energy bill, which is great for the environment.

5. Try sustainable towels. According to some resources, a family may spend up to $400 on napkins per year and $182 on paper towels per year. You can save money by using cloth napkins, cloth towels, and handkerchiefs (instead of Kleenex). These washable, reusable towels will save you money and help the environment.

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