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Last Minute Homemade Christmas Gifts

by MLN Staff

Are you low on Christmas funds? Still want to shower your family and friends with awesome gifts? You’re in luck! With a little ingenuity and time, you can craft some amazing homemade gifts that anyone would love to receive, and the best part is that it will cost you little to nothing.

We tend to get really generous during the holiday season and sometimes our generosity can break the bank. According to experts, the average American shopper will spend $929 on gifts this holiday season—this is the first time spending has exceeded $900. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to spend this much, so handcrafted gifts can be a great alternative. Whether you’re a visionary baker or a photography aficionado, you can turn your hobbies and skills into a gift. And if you use materials and supplies you already have on hand, you can save additional dollars.

Need some creative ideas? Listed below are seven suggestions for free or low-cost gifts.

Homemade candles

Have you been making your own Mindful candles this year? If so, consider making a few extra batches and handing them out as gifts. Go the extra mile and use personalized scents for each recipient.

Spa kits

Give your girlfriends the gift of a home spa by creating natural beauty treatments. With pumpkin puree, sugar, olive oil, lemon juice, and cinnamon you can create a natural soaking treatment for their feet. To refresh their hands from the cold weather you can create a hand-soaking solution with cornmeal, milk, honey, and vanilla extract. Need more ideas? Check out this article.

Personalized photo albums

Do you love to take pictures? Compile your best shots, print them out on professional photo paper, and make personalized photo albums for each of your friends. You can further personalize the gifts by including funny or touching captions as well as little notes about how much they mean to you.

Wood shop creations

Are you a wood craftier? Do you have some extra supplies lying around? Consider making your friends some handcrafted gifts. If your friend is a bit of a chef try making them a cutting board in a unique shape. Or if your friend loves jewelry consider making a jewelry box with their engraved initials.

Delicious baked goods

 If you’re a baker who makes delicious treats from scratch, try cooking your friends their own personalized treat. Who wouldn’t love to receive a tin of their favorite holiday cookies? Or, if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can share some of your favorite top-secret recipes as a gift. You can even present the recipes in a homemade little booklet.

Knitted knick-knacks

Are you a creative genius when you have yarn and knitting or crochet needles in your possession? Consider making your family members homemade beanie caps or scarves. Not in the mood to create a ton of winter wear? Consider knitted ornaments for their Christmas tree or little cozies for their mug, coffee cup, or beer bottles. You can even personalize them with their initials.


If you’re not great at making things, you can use your skills in other ways. Give a loved one the gift of your expertise. Are they having some tech problems? Are you gifted electronically? Offer to fix the issue free of charge. Or, if they’re having problems with their car and you’re a bit of a home auto mechanic, consider helping them with the issue. They’ll be grateful for the assistance.

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