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Anxiety and Depression As Bad As Smoking

New Study Shows Your Mental Health Is As Important As Unhealthy Habits

When assessing your health, we physicians are always concerned with the standard issues such as smoking, alcohol and drug consumption, weight, and activity level. A recent study released December 2018 from the University of California suggests we should be as concerned with asking about our patients’ mental health status as we are about his/her smoking.

Anxiety and Depression Leading Predictors of Disease

Anxiety and depression may be leading predictors of conditions ranging from heart disease and high blood pressure to arthritis, headaches, back pain and stomach upset, having similar effects as long-established risk factors like smoking and obesity, according to the new research.

Participants with high levels of anxiety and depression were found to face 65 percent increased odds for a heart condition, 64 percent for stroke, 50 percent for high blood pressure and 87 for arthritis, compared to those without anxiety and depression.

Tell Your Health Care Provider

If your health care provider does not ask you questions about your mental health it is important for you to be honest and volunteer this vital information. We are all learning and growing in health care. You need to actively participate in your own health care with your provider so they can treat you effectively. We have incredibly effective treatments for most mental health issues so do not leave them untreated.


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