Craft Your Own Sun-Dyed Tee

Harness the power of the sun to create personalized tee shirt designs. This is a fun, “green” project to do with your kids that does […]

Make Your Own Terrarium

Now that things are in full bloom and green again, it’s the perfect time to plant a summer terrarium with your kids. You can get […]

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Floriography: Floral Symbolic Gifts

Flowers make a Mindful Gift® for any occasion, but few of us consider the symbolism behind the floral arrangements. To give Mindful bouquets, we must […]

Mindful Travel Souvenir Ideas

The best thing about vacationing is that each of us brings back a little piece of our travels with us, whether it’s life lessons, memories […]

Gift Ideas for Teachers

Start the new school year on the right foot or make your child’s teacher’s holiday extra special with a mindful gift. Providing your child’s teacher […]

Handy Baby Shower Guide

Babies are precious little miracles that can cost quite a bundle. The parents of newborns spend $5,000 on furnishings, clothes, and supplies alone. Gifts from […]

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Welcome Kit Ideas for New Neighbors

Welcoming new residents to the neighborhood is a sweet tradition that continues in many mindful communities. Starting that first conversation can be a bit awkward […]